In the subconscious world there are good(Green) thoughts, some bad(Yellow) thoughts and some mixed(White) ones. And as we know getting the good ones can tell how good are you at picking right things in life, but only within the span in which you are dreaming(timer ~ 20secs)

Lets see how Good are you in getting the Good ones before you wake up.


1. Shooting green gives max points

2. Shooting yellow reduces the time by 3 seconds

3. Shooting the white adds 3 seconds to the time

4. General Arrow keys(or W,A,S,D) to move player forward, backward, right and left.

5. Hit Play Again to restart the game.

Hint: Bonus ones(5 points) appear similar to the background.

- Before starting the game please click inside the game window to avoid unnecessary view change.

AuthorArpit Johri
Made withUnity


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Pixelated FPS game, cubes shoot balls to take a leak pixels.